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Sneaky Ways To Make Your Kid’s Food Healthier

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Are you tired of scolding your child for always wanting pizza? Are you fed up with eating chicken every day because your kid eats only that? All your worries are justified but I have a solution to all of these. There is only one solution THE RECIPE.

There is so much you can do when it comes to children. They can be stubborn and parasitic at times. Once they decide on something, there is no going back. But sometimes parents overestimate their children’s issues. They are so blind in love with their little flowers that they overanalyze things and associate innocent behaviors with some medical conditions.

Your child, loving pizza is as natural as it gets. I mean have you tried taking a bite of that piece of heaven. Their hate for green vegetables is justified too. I still remember associating them with eating ugly, dirty, and raw trees. Only if my mother had presented them in a better way, I wouldn’t have been sitting here writing for hours, instead of playing badminton with my friends.

I can’t promise if you will ever be able to get your child to hate pizza and love broccoli, but I can make them eat both. Children these days are stubborn, only if they were as docile as we were, life would have been different. I bet our mothers would like to differ but luckily most of them are not on the internet.

Coming back to the point, How to make these stubborn little creatures eat healthy food? The answer is simple, make them eat what YOU want in their favorite dish. But it is easier said than done. These tiny beings have eyes bigger than their bodies and minds bigger than Megamind. They can spot a piece of broccoli under seven layers of sugar.

But all one can do is try. Here is how you can make your child eat the healthiest foods.


No need to be scared of the name. Pizza, one thing undoubtedly loved by children across the globe. This harmful bread and cheese can provide all the essential nutrition to your child. You just need to be a little smart and put in a little effort. Make your child a pizza at home and earn some good mommy points.

Make the dough with whole wheat and give them all the fibers. Top it with cheese which will provide them due fats and amazing taste. Top it with YOUR favorite vegetables. This is the time to play a trick. Add the crunchiest vegetables like carrots, bell peppers, onions, and cabbage, and load your pizza with these. Now throw in some baked or stewed chicken.

Well, there is a way to add mushy vegetables like eggplants and cauliflower to your pizza too. Coat them with some bread and bake until crispy like the pizza dough. Top with the usual toppings and I bet your little one won’t be able to find how you outplayed them.


Snatch away the coca-cola from your kids’ hands. There is no softer way of saying that. What they drink is literal poison, filled with nothing but sugar. Replace this with almost as sweet juices, because the sweetness is what they crave. But the sweetness in juices comes with a bunch of vitamins and minerals. One glass of orange juice can provide all the vitamin C they need for a day.

 Rice And Gravy

If your child throws away the boiled rice, it doesn’t mean that they hate the rice. They hate the boring white color and the ugly vegetables you serve with them. Make them colorful vegetable rice and serve them with baked barbecue wings, now see them eating up the whole plate and asking for more. You can also serve the white rice with chili chicken or barbeque chicken.


Milk; an absolute necessity for kids. Usually, children don’t make a fuss about drinking milk, but you never know with these little monsters. If your child is making you run after them to make them drink milk. Try giving them a glass of milkshake. Add their favorite fruit to the milk. And watch them running after you to give it to them. This is how easy it is to turn the tables.


 The Zoo

Presentation is eminent when it comes to serving your child good food. No child likes eating vegetables. But you can make them eat it if you make eating fun. Make their chicken as lion stand in the middle of their plate jungle, with peas as sheep flocking around feeding on broccoli trees. I have seen this story wonders for struggling mothers. Don’t give them time to decipher what they are eating except for the lion, sheep, and trees. Be a little groovier and come up with more stories and scenes like this. No matter how smart your kid gets they can never outsmart you.

 The Next Step

All of this might seem easy to you but when it comes to children nothing is easy. They test your patience and limits. For children not ready to give in anytime soon you will need professional help. Also, there are children with special needs nutritional needs and your child might be one of them, for that you will have to consult the best nutritionists in Lahore Marham.pk.

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