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There are almost 800 million results for “is real estate a great investment” when you type it into Google. Individuals throughout the world are wondering if they should invest in real estate. Property investors are apprehensive about entering the housing market because of the uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus epidemic. Many people’s memories of the 2008 housing market collapse are still vivid. Investing in a rental property is the subject of this article.  You should invest in Blue World City.


Real estate is an excellent investment for the following reasons:

Low interest rates:

Investing in real estate has never been more advantageous due to historically low mortgage interest rates. Because of the epidemic’s impact on the economy, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to almost zero. Now, a large number of Pakistanis can own investment property there.

  • The Threat of Foreclosures is Looming:

In 2020, Pakistan’s federal government announced a prohibition on foreclosures and an embargo on evictions. These measures will protect residents or homeowners who are struggling financially because of COVID-19. There is no surety that the moratorium will be extended beyond June 30, 2021, even if Imran Khan’s administration does so. If this happens, a lot of people’s homes will be repossessed. Therefore, investors interested in low real estate have a fantastic opportunity.

The rise in Home Prices:

As per Zillow, the average price of a home in the United States is $272,446. Despite the ongoing pandemic, property values are predicted to climb by 11.4 percent in the coming year. As a result, investing in rental property will benefit your portfolio in the long run.

Lack of Housing:

According to a recent estimate, the US housing market will be severely depleted in 2021. We estimate that an additional 2.5 million reasonably priced dwellings are required to make up for the current shortfall. Real estate prices and rental rates rise when demand outpaces supply. By purchasing a rental property, you can expect a high return on your investment.

Benefits of Taxes:

Rental property owners can write off various costs from their taxable income, including insurance, property taxes, HOA dues, interest, and even homeowner’s insurance. Because of this, they may be able to earn a good rate on their rental property investment. Invest in Park View City.

Increasing your Financial Standing:

While you’re working to pay down your mortgage, you’re building up your home’s equity. If you have sufficient home equity, you can take out loans to acquire an additional rental property. A great approach to broaden your portfolio is to invest in this.


At this time, the market is a buyer’s market. Most, although not all, of the United States, is currently experiencing a seller’s market, which began in late 2019 and was sparked by the arrival of Covid-19 and is likely to continue into 2021. More buyers than sellers are interested in making a deal and taking advantage of low-interest rates in this seller’s market.

Since the start of the year, the gap between the number of houses offered and the number of potential buyers has widened. Sellers should anticipate receiving 14 to 17 competitive bids within three days of putting their property on the market; new listings often sell for more than the listing price. The sellers have been bombarded with offers and appointments. For offers, they’ve reduced to posting them on a more regular basis. After then, it’s just a matter of going over each option and deciding.

As a result of these market conditions, buyers with substantial cash reserves and traditional financing approval can pay above the asking price. In present housing market, There is no space for buyers who can hardly afford to put down a 5% down payment, so they will have to go elsewhere. The trend of rising prices does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. As additional buyers enter the market, this increasing tendency is expected to continue until 2021.


Every year since 2006, the number of homes sold has risen significantly. For various reasons, including Covid-19 concerns about viewings, employment uncertainty, and economic volatility, property owners with lower incomes are more likely to place their homes on the market. For those wishing to buy their first home or expand their flat, cheap mortgage rates have enticed many buyers.


There is a supply crunch because of a perfect storm and an increase in demand for real estate, all of which are driving up property values. Now is a great moment to sell your property to those who don’t need a place to live. As an investor, it’s challenging to find offers at this moment. It’s vital to be cautious and cross-check your facts before moving forward with an acquisition. There is no better time to sit on the sidelines and build up your savings before purchasing a 12-year-old vehicle in the future. A rise in foreclosed homes is expected as deferral programs expire and economic damage from epidemic lockdowns, which have crushed many small businesses, is felt fully. Read more about payment plan of Nova City.

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