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Ultimate Packing Supplies You Need For Moving Day

Asad Fazal



Ultimate Packing Supplies You Need For Moving Day

Sydney has many beautiful localities like Kings Cross, Circular Quay, and Balmoral. Most of them are great places to live. Moving is a chaotic business, and you can only tackle it with proper help. To get through the tedious task of packing and organising, you must stock up on the right supplies. In addition to the packing supplies, Sydney has removalists that can make your move smooth and stress-free.

Before clearing the clutter and packing your home into boxes, here are the supplies you need to stock up on.

Packing Supplies for The Moving Day

The Basics

Without a doubt, you need lots of boxes and packing tape to get through your moving days. Be sure to get boxes of various sizes according to the stuff you want to pack in. For instance, small boxes might do better for heavier or fragile things, whereas you can fill up a large box with as many knick-knacks as you want. You can also rent boxes or plastic bins from the removalists to prevent wastage.

When it comes to tape, you might think that the cheapest roll will do. While a cheap roll of tape can stick two ends together, it might not keep them together for long. Investing in quality tape with strong adhesive powers means you won’t find open boxes and spilt possessions when you reach the new place. Also, get a tape gun because it will make your life immensely easy.

Packing Paper

When the days of piling and packing things seem endless, you might be tempted to throw everything in a box at once. Some possessions of yours can stand such treatment, but the fine dinner plates, lamps, and vases will not. To ensure that your fragile belongings don’t end up cracked or shattered, use packing paper to cushion the items and stabilise them through the move.

Bubble Cushioning

Moving can be rough on your house’s sharp objects and electrical gadgets. With bubble cushioning, the damage to your appliances in the move will be zero to none. If you want to be frugal, you can also go with newspaper, but bubblewrap provides that extra cushioning the breakables in your house need.

Labels and Markers

Solid organisation skills can make moving and unpacking so much easier. When packing your belongings into boxes, use colour-coded stickers and labels to identify the contents of each box. You can simply give an inventory of the box on the label, so you don’t have to rip open boxes while unpacking.


When packing the boxes into a truck, Sydney removalists recommend fastening the boxes with cargo straps or ropes. If you leave the boxes unsecured, they can shift around and end up damaged. Just make sure to get strong enough cords to keep the boxes from moving around during the transit, and you will have saved yourself from so much stress.


Cleaning up is an equally important task to complete while moving. Keep a set of garbage bags with you to sort your clutter as you go. Some of these can act as bags to send off to thrift stores or donation centres. The bags can also be of use to you in your new place.

Final Thoughts

Like any task, moving is also made easier when you have the right tools by your side. You can also save on buying supplies by renting some of them from the removalists. By making strategic choices, you can reduce wastage during the move and have a smooth moving experience.

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