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Is pursuing an MBA after ACCA helpful to your career?

Asad Fazal




MBA and ACCA are relevant to the business administration and all the financial transactions that take place annually. Both courses are designed to train individuals by developing their financial, managerial, organizational, management, and other valuable skills.

MBA offers excellent career opportunities in diverse domains but qualifying an ACCA qualification can take you to the places that will help you to establish yourself as a prominent name in the industry. MBA and ACCA is an added advantage for students passionate about pursuing a professional career globally.

An added advantage of pursuing an MBA and ACCA: 

  • Access to a wider global network:MBA is widely accepted for providing excellent networking opportunities but when it is combined with an ACCA qualification, we can expect it to expand to diverse industries. They teach professionals to make the best use of networking opportunities and connect with a wider audience improving the scope of advancing in their career aspirations. ACCA has collaborations with so many organizations which eventually increase their chances of building a great network.
  • Opportunities across the world:ACCA and MBA will provide you with an opportunity to move across the globe without any hesitation as both the certifications are recognized globally. It also helps them to implement strategic policies for improving the performance of business operations across all domains. Employers have acknowledged the significance of hiring ACCA professionals as they streamline their financial process without any further delay. They are offering excellent salary packages with many additional benefits like health insurance, travel packages, accommodation, and other related benefits.

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  • Partnership with employers:MBA courses provide placement opportunities to students and the same is the case with ACCA qualification as it has tie-ups with different organizations offering employment opportunities to professionals with such certifications. So, you can rely on these sources for job-related queries. ACCA qualification has partnered with 8500 employees worldwide and these employers are always in demand for ACCA qualifiers. This network created by ACCA and MBA program can be used as an added advantage and for seeking more employment opportunities.
  • Set up private consultation firms:Both the qualifications provide skills that are used to establish their firms independently so that they can build acquaintance and provide their services to organizations independently. New innovative entrepreneurs require the services of such individuals to streamline their processes and develop strategies for improving the efficiency of their business operations. It also reduces the cost of their operations as the consulting firms try to provide solutions by customizing their services as per the needs of their clients.

ACCA and MBA professionals are known for their exceptional skills and techniques in the business world. They are trained specifically to keep up with unstable market conditions and suggest remarkable solutions for critically analyzing existing operational techniques.

Both these qualifications will revolutionize your career prospectus. You can sign up for an MBA program and then eventually move to an ACCA preparation program to gain expertise in both areas.

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