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How is online trading education helpful for students?

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online trading

With the trading business significantly impacting the world economy, more and more stock market companies are on the hunt for recruiting candidates with professional qualification in this industry. Relying on effective trading courses could help you tap into the potential and earn the most out of this ever-evolving sector. Read on to find out how.

What is the learning outcome of a trading course?

  • Financial statement fundamentals

This section offers a comprehensive introduction to various methods related to common filing. It lays emphasis on the basics of financial statements on which the trading strategies are predominantly based on. Besides understanding the basic elements it will also transform aspiring students to become professional traders.

  • Theories of asset pricing

It allows students to hone the ability to calculate the expected (ROI return on investment) from a financial asset like stocks. It is tailored to assist students in handling asset pricing models such as the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) Arbitrage Pricing Theory (APT), and Fama-French Three-Factor Model. Additionally, you will become a pro at calculating the returns expected of a trading portfolio.

  • Financial statement analysis

This module focuses on developing the skills required to identify accounting information among students. This facilitates graduates to move forward in building trading strategies, instinctively. By completing this course, students will gain expertise in key financial ratios calculation.

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  • Fundamentals of market microstructure

This section allows students to analyse how asset markets function normally. Students will acquire a good grounding of the types of players in the market and different types of orders available. Additionally, you will get to explore strategic ways of executing various kinds of liquidity, orders, trading costs and ways to minimise them.

Benefits of pursuing online trading classes

  • Recorded webinars:Besides live webinars, students will be able to download recorded lecture (each of 30 minutes) transcripts any time of the day. This makes room for you to listen to the lessons taught at their own convenient place and time.
  • Interactive sessions: Students get the chance to attend webinars (thrice every day) via this online trading course. This will enable you to and listen interact with experts, thereby seek guidance and clearing any doubts from experts at the end of each module.
  • Access to online materials: Through this, you will gain access to lectures and study material online anytime, anywhere. You can cherish the liberty to access the complete set of learning material online and study at a pace that is the most suitable for you, be it seated in your living room.
  • Real-time trading: Take advantage of the hands-on experience offered tom you be the trading sector-related programme. This will provide you with trading skills based on a real-time trading platform before you enter the trading sector.


If you are curious about the selling and buying of financial assets, then choose an online trading course to carve a career out of it. Start your journey towards success today!

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