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Ginger and Olive Oil: Natural Pain Relief

Asad Fazal



Ginger and Olive Oil - Natural Pain Relief

Ginger and olive oil are one of the best natural remedies for pain relief. And all thanks to the beneficial properties of these two ingredients. When combined, they provide powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects. In addition, ginger and olive oil promote good digestion and blood circulation. It’s also a great diuretic.

Ginger is also characterized by its regenerative and aphrodisiac properties. Ginger root is often used as a condiment to food to add a savory flavor. And its special aroma makes ginger also a natural flavoring agent.

Vitamins, Minerals, Gingerol

Ginger is a source of calcium, essential oils, amino acids, phosphorus and vitamins B and C , which strengthen the body’s immune system. Gingerol (another nutrient) is helpful in fighting ovarian and rectal cancers. Ginger is also an excellent expectorant for bronchitis, asthma , flu, and other respiratory ailments.

So if you are looking to replace your pills with natural remedies, then a combination of ginger and olive oil is a great option! The diuretic properties of this medicine will allow you to remove excess fluid from the body (including from the joints, and this, as you know, reduces inflammation ).

Ginger and Olive Oil – Perfect Combination for Stomach and Intestines

Ginger helps in treating indigestion, flatulence, stomach cramps, and indigestion. In combination with olive oil, it can be taken for poisoning, infectious and even bacterial intestinal diseases. It also improves appetite.

Ginger and Olive Oil Medicine


  • 1 cup fresh ginger root (150 g)
  • 1 cup of olive oil (250 ml)

Cooking Method:

  • Wash the ginger root thoroughly and leave to dry for 2 hours.
  • Pour olive oil into a baking dish (or ovenproof dish).
  • Rub the ginger root (without peeling)
  • Add the grated ginger to the olive oil and stir.
  • Place the resulting mixture in an oven preheated to 150 ° C. Leave to simmer for 2 hours.
  • After the specified time has elapsed, remove the container from the oven and let cool.
  • Then strain so that there are no pieces of ginger left in it.
  • Transfer to a glass bottle and store in a cool, dry place. The shelf life of such a mixture is about six months.

Application Methods

It is very important not to exceed the dosage. The amount of this pain reliever you need depends on the ailment you intend to treat. When symptoms of certain diseases appear, such ginger oil will greatly help you out. Its smell also repels mosquitoes and other insects (which can also transmit diseases)!

Arthritis And Muscle Pain

You can take 2-3 drops of this home remedy as a tonic for body and spirit. If you want to relieve muscle pain or arthritis symptoms , then you will need the same amount. You can use it for external use – massage, and also take 3 drops orally.

From Flatulence To Bronchitis

When it comes to diarrhea or flatulence, a 1-drop ginger oil massage is a great solution. If you have sinusitis or sore throat, try inhalation with 3 drops of this remedy. It makes it easier to remove mucus from the lungs, which means it helps to cure bronchitis, asthma and the flu.

As for aesthetics, you can safely use ginger oil (the same 3 drops) to fight wrinkles and stretch marks on the skin. The regenerative properties of ginger will contribute to the natural regeneration of the skin.

Hypertension And High Blood Cholesterol

Regular consumption of this home medicine will minimize the risk of developing hypertension. Also, ginger and olive oil are useful for high levels of “bad” cholesterol in the blood . The risk of blood clots is significantly reduced (and with it the risk of atherosclerosis). So here is the perfect remedy for the treatment of cardiovascular disease! And the habit of consuming 2 to 4 drops of ginger oil daily will help prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Countless Benefits

As you can see, the health benefits of ginger are very diverse. With its help, you can alleviate your condition with various diseases. The antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in this root make it the best ally in the fight for good health.

Try preparing this ginger oil ahead of time so you always have it on hand.

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