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Engineered Timber: An Aesthetic Flooring Solution

Asad Fazal



Engineered timber - an aesthetic flooring solution


Are you looking for a perfect flooring solution? Chances are you’ve heard of engineered timber flooring. This blog will set the record straight and answer your questions regarding engineered timber flooring. So, what is it?

What Is Engineered Timber Flooring?

If you’re looking for a smooth, seamless flooring solution, you might be interested in this type of timber flooring. Engineered timber floors are made from a variety of woods that have been glued and pressed together to create a solid surface. While it may seem similar to solid timber, the key difference is that engineered floors use veneers—thin slices of wood—glued together side-by-side and then pressed into sheets of plywood. This makes them more stable than solid timber, which can warp over time due to changes in temperature or moisture content.

The most common type of engineered wood flooring is parquet (also known as strip-and-click). Parquet looks like tiles, but it’s actually made up of several different layers:

  • The top layer is usually made from veneer strips cut from hardwoods such as oak or maple; sometimes, these strips are stained,so they match the colour scheme throughout your house
  • Beneath this top layer is another one made from thinner veneer strips called plies; these plies provide support along with decorative elements like graining or scrollwork patterns
  1. Your Floor Will Be More Stable

Engineered timber is more stable than solid timber. Solid timbers are made up of one layer of wood; when they shrink or expand due to temperature changes, they can warp and twist. When you install engineered timber flooring, you’re installing multiple layers of wood that are glued together—this makes your floor much more stable than those made with solid timbers.

The second reason engineered timber is the better option for your home is that it’s easier to maintain and clean.

  1.    It’s Less Expensive Than Solid Timber

Your beautiful new engineered timber floors should be less expensive than solid timber flooring.

Engineered timber is a composite of wood and other materials such as plywood, veneer, particleboard or MDF (medium-density fibreboard). It’s bonded together under high pressure and heat to form a robust and durable surface that looks like solid timber but comes at a fraction of the price.

Solid hardwood can cost between $20-$1,000 per square metre, depending on the grade and type of wood used. Engineered flooring, however, typically costs less than half that amount at around $8-$30 per square metre for standard sizes (2m x 1m), with some specialised lengths costing more.

  1.      A More Eco-Friendly Alternative To Solid Timber

A more eco-friendly alternative to solid timber is engineered timber. This flooring solution is made from recycled wood, which makes it sustainable. Engineered timber also has a longer lifespan than solid timber and can be used for many years without experiencing any wear or tear. You will spend less on the maintenance of your engineered hardwood flooring over time because it requires much less upkeep than solid wood floors.

The low carbon footprint of engineered hardwood means that it’s better for the environment in many ways: by reducing deforestation, saving energy during manufacturing processes, and reducing landfill waste when you replace your old wooden flooring with new engineered wood planks!

You can enjoy all of the benefits of solid timber without any downsides.

Engineered wood is an excellent choice if you are looking for a flooring option that offers the look of solid timber without the cost or maintenance.

Engineered wood floors are incredibly durable and can be laid in your home with minimal hassle. They offer all of the benefits of solid timber without any downsides, including reduced weight and moisture damage.

Thanks to their unique construction process, engineered wood floors can withstand heavy foot traffic or other types of abuse from pets or kids running around on it all day long!


Choosing engineered timber for the flooring is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. You can enjoy all of the benefits of solid wood without any of the hassles. Simply put, this flooring solution is an excellent option because it’s less expensive than solid hardwood, more eco-friendly and easy to install. In fact, many homeowners have decided to take this as a DIY project themselves!

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