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Engagement Ring Trends in Australia: A Guide

Asad Fazal



Engagement Ring Trends in Australia

Buying rings in Australia on and off is normal, but buying an engagement ring is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, it is imperative to choose one that you would never get bored of! Meanwhile, some people like to keep it simple and elegant, whereas others want to go overboard with their engagement rings in Australia!

Meanwhile, in Australia, the marriage rate was 3.1 per 1000 individuals. Besides, above 60 per cent of Australians are married or have a partner. The continent country is further famous for its beach weddings with international destinations like Bondi Beach in Sydney.

So, engagement rings are exchanged to celebrate the bonding of two people for the rest of their life. It is a promise to stay by each other despite the ups and downs in any of the two’s lives. As such, the engagement ring market in the Kangaroo Country is constantly changing, and keeping an eye on what’s trending can provide you with fresh ideas you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. So let’s look at the trends that will take over in 2022!

Two Setting Ring

Two gemstones are set side by side on this type of ring to symbolise the union of 2 people. The affirmation of the two stones represents the most accurate show of love and affection. And naturally derived diamonds are the most popular choice for these rings, but jewellers experiment with other valuable gems to create beautiful designs. Examples of such unique combinations are sapphire-salt and pepper diamond and emerald-diamond.

Shaped Diamond on a Thin Band

Although people are now willing to break from the norm, most still prefer a relatively simple and classic design. Meanwhile, the diamond is the centrepiece of a wedding ring, so it’s essential to show it off. Usually, people look for a minimalist band because they want the centre stone to be the show’s star, which is not bad! Besides, a sleek band set with a large diamond can never go wrong, not in 2022, not ever!

Single Diamonds on a Sculpted Band

The most popular trend is a solitaire diamond ring set in a large gold band. And even though people still are opting for a single stone, they are also looking for new ways to set it. They’re looking for something different, like a thicker band or a unique shape, like infinity, to spice things up.

As such, the sculptured golden ring is becoming extremely popular as it keeps the natural authenticity and elegance while still being unique. An unusual floating claw diamond set in rounded, smooth, sculpted gold is also a popular style in the Land Down Under. Even though the gold band is heavy, it exquisitely displays the stone.

Art-Deco Inspiration

This trend is growing in popularity. Art Deco has ring designs with bold lines, different diamond cuts, geometric patterned bands, etc., that are becoming very popular among the new brides. Meanwhile, customers are becoming more adventurous by experimenting with different styles and sometimes even combining various styles(e.g., baguettes, rounds). This always sets your engagement ring apart from others! So choose some kick-off styles to keep it memorable forever.

Settings With Oval Diamonds

The oval diamond is expected to become a viral gemstone for engagement rings in Australia. And the most famous setting for oval diamonds is the delicate 4-talon claw diamond setting on a slim band with a simple design, and this allows the diamond to stand out. However, three-stone rings are also outstanding and popular among many Australians.

In the meantime, if you want a dash of extravagance, you should opt for halo rings. These rings have a central diamond, which is surrounded by smaller gemstones. Also, oval diamonds of various shapes and sizes are highly sought after by Australians as these styles never go out of trend!

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