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5 Must-Have Lip Products

Asad Fazal



Lip Products

The lips are the most notable yet most neglected part of the face. Think of your lips as delicate skin that demands your utmost care and attention. As they parch out and get irritated often, it is crucial to keep them hydrated. To keep your lips pink and glossy, dermatologists suggest the use of glycerin, aloe, and ceramides or products made from them. Finding the right one from thousands of lip products is a wearisome task. You have tried many of such products once in your life. Resultantly, they do not live up to your expectations and fall heavy on your lips as well as your pocket.

Whether you are surfing for a new lip balm, lip tint, or deep moisturizing product for your lips, we have it for you. All the products listed below are handy and extraordinarily beneficial. Take a look at these lip care winners.

1-Love & Plums Lip Balm

This lip-loving balm is supplemented with plum extracts of turkey, Ghanaian Shea butter, and Brazilian organic babassu oil. All of these organic ingredients quickly make your dry lips plump and give you the perfect pout. Its rich and flowery scent cherishes your lovely lips. Simply open it and gloss over your lips to keep them soft and nourished. Give yourself a treat with this pocket-sized Love & Plums Lip Balm by clicking The Body Shop Discount Code.

2-Kindness & Pears Lip Scrub

Pamper your lips with Kindness & Pears Lip Scrub that offers you a one-stop shop to exfoliate and moisten your lips. This scrub is prepared from Italian pear extract, notes of juicy pear, strawberry, and warm Tonka bean that makes your lips so soft. Put a bit of scrub on a toothbrush and gently exfoliate your lips in slightly circular motions.

3-Aloe Soothing Eye & Lip Contour Care

The product is especially recommended for sensitive and dry lips. Prepared from organic aloe Vera Mexico keep your lips hydrated. This gentle and soothing gel cream offers protection against irritation caused by dryness. The use of cream brings you relief cause of its moisturizing and cooling effects. This gel cream has been tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists. Experts recommend its use not only on the lips but also on the eyes of those who wear contact lenses.

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4-Lip & Cheek Stain

The Matte lip tint/stain will give your lips and cheeks a naturally rich color. It offers a long-lasting effect and does not flow. The tint is easy to apply because of its handy little sponge. Define your lips by applying it on lips before gloss or use it on your cheeks to give them a natural rosy look. Its bold color complements any makeup or skin tone. The must-have shades of this trendy dual-purpose product are Red Pomegranate, Pink Hibiscus, and Dark Berry.

5-Matte Lipstick

The True Matte Lipsticks made from high-purity pigments are a must-have product in your bag. These lipsticks will help you be ready for any occasion in just a few swipes. The 100% vegetarian, true-matte lipsticks enriched with Brazilian nut oil and beeswax deliver nourishing and long-lasting effects.

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