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sola wood flowers

If you are an artistic person and love to try out different things with time, we have a unique and interesting thing for you, which can bring a new adventure to your life and explore the new gateways of nature and creativity. The exciting thing that we talk about is sola wood flowers that are the high demand thing these days, and some people are switching towards them, especially in times of pandemic when there is nothing much to work on or to do. Let us briefly describe what sola wood flowers are and what is so different about these flowers.

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are eco-friendly flowers which are also called Shola. Instead, these are not real flowers; instead, they are sustainable and alternative to easily cut flowers made from the marshy plants’ renewable woods. It has been misunderstood that these are obtained from tapioca or cassava as commonly which is not true instead these are from marshy plants. These flowers’ popularity is that they look like real flowers, and surprisingly these can last a lifetime.

Things you can try with sola wood flowers

With sola wood flowers, you can easily try multiple handmade things because of their adjustable tendency to mold easily. You can try making different things and shapes out of these flowers; instead, you can also dye them with many different colors of your choice. These flowers are quite cheaper, and if you are planning to do something unique and different, these flowers can be the right option for you to try out different things. Isn’t it great that you can do multiple things of your choice and explore the best of your creativity? Things you can try with these flowers are handmade rings, bridal bouquets, flower back drops, Gifts & Décor, Wedding décor, bridal showers, and even Corsage/Boutonnière. There are multiple ways to explore the use of these flowers, and the best part is that these aren’t even that expensive.

For your special day

If you are one of those who is always inclined towards flowers and always wanted to have a dreamy wedding with thousands of flowers, then these flowers can be the right choice for your wedding day. These affordable, beautiful, and long-lasting are not only long-lasting but also give uniqueness to your choice. These can a way to fulfill your floral dreams comes true!


Types of sola wood flowers

If you think that these flowers come in only one type, well, that’s not true. These beautiful flowers come in many different and unique shapes and colors, which has grabbed even more attention from the customers, making them even more fans of these flower’s beauty and simplicity. Mentioning down some in what flower styles these sola wood flowers come in:

  1. Flower Style
  • Roses
  • Peonies
  • Lilies
  • Succulents
  • Spring Flowers
  • Summer Flowers
  • Fall Flowers
  • Winter Flowers
  1. Dyed Sola Flowers
  • Dyed Assortments
  • Dyed Single Flowers


We know that these are hard to resist flowers when you can get them in so many different styles and colors at such a budget-friendly price. So what are you waiting for and visit the website today to order your set of sola wood flowers and enjoy the creative side of yours?

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