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5 Types of Cannabis Products You Should Try

Asad Fazal



5 Types of Cannabis Products You Should Try

Cannabis is becoming more and more popular. States are legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana, and as a result, dispensaries are popping up everywhere.

If you’re new to it, read further to learn about cannabis products that you should try.

Types of Marijuana

First, you should understand the two main types of marijuana: indicas and sativas.

Indicas typically contain higher levels of CBD which helps relax the body. These strains are commonly used for medical marijuana use as they can help with relieving pain.

Sativas typically contain more THC which leads to an enjoyable high so it is more enjoyable for recreational use.

There is a third type of cannabis which is known as hybrid. This strain can be made of both Indica and Sativa. It could also be closer to one than the other.

  1. Flower

The classic. If you’re brand new to using marijuana, the flower could be a good place to start. This is the kind that you smoke.

If you get bored of smoking bud a particular way, then you can switch it up. You can smoke it with a blunt, bong, or a pipe. Choose which form of consumption works for you.

  1. Cannabis Beverages

Alcoholic seltzers have gained more popularity over the past few years. Time to throw cannabis-infused seltzer in the mix!

It doesn’t only have to be through seltzer. You can consume cannabis in the form of coffee and fruit punch, to name a few. Talk about an easy way to consume cannabis products!

  1. CBD Isolate

Have you heard of whey protein isolate? You can put it in your smoothies and other products to receive some benefits.

The cool thing about CBD isolate is that it’s flavorless, so just like whey isolate, you can add it to your recipes for different benefits.

You can get bulk CBD isolate wholesale California and add it to your favorite recipes.

  1. Edible

Edibles are a fun way to consume marijuana (just don’t eat too much). In the beginning, the popular forms of edibles included brownies and cookies.

Now, since the legalization of Marijuana in some states, you have a variety of edibles to choose from. So many of your favorite snacks are recreated as edibles including gummies and chocolate.

  1. Topicals

If you thought you could only use marijuana as a way to get high, think again. Marijuana is not just for consumption.

It also has skincare and hair benefits. These types of cannabis products are entering the beauty world as lotions, balms, body wash, and even shampoo. They are said to relieve tensions and soothe skin.

Get Experimenting With These Different Cannabis Products

There are so many ways to enjoy marijuana whether it’s through consumption or as a part of your beauty routine. If you’re ready to get into the cannabis world, experiment and see what you like.

Make sure you choose cannabis products that are right for you. If you enjoyed reading about different types of cannabis products, then take a look at our health section.

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