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5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Senior Care Services




Did you know that there are approximately 800,000 elderly Americans residing in assisted living facilities? It’s an unfortunate fact of life that as we grow older, so do our loved ones. And as they reach their golden years, caring for them becomes challenging.

Many of us do not have the time or the ability to care for an older loved one. The even bigger challenge may be for your loved ones to accept the help they need from senior care services.

It’s a fraught decision, but there are signs to know when you and your senior family member need assistance with daily living. Read on to learn about the top five.

1. Mobility Issues

Loss of mobility is an unfortunate part of growing older, and our bodies lose it for several reasons. Though slight mobility issues aren’t much of a problem, they can become dangerous if an elderly parent lives alone.

All it takes is one fall to cause serious injury or worse. Preventing falls requires special care, and a caregiver can help navigate stairs and other dangerous scenarios.

If you notice your loved one using the wall to guide themselves or using furniture to navigate their home, it is a sign they need help.

2. Transportation Problems

Impaired vision, hearing, or reflexes and a driver’s license are dangerous combinations. In 2018, over 250,000 older adults (65+) received emergency care related to automobile accidents.

If an older loved one can no longer drive, they will need living assistance. We live in a country where, for many folks, automobile transportation is a necessity. Buying food, receiving routine medical care, and socializing are all facilitated by an automobile.

Taking away the keys is a hard step for both of you. The loss of independence combined with an increased care burden seems like a no-win, but given the statistics, you can’t delay.

3. Social Isolation

An older loved one who has mobility and transportation hurdles will isolate. Though you may visit frequently, elderly social isolation causes geriatric depression. This depression can exacerbate many ailments to the point where your loved one loses the will to live.

Assisted living facilities can help mitigate geriatric depression caused by social isolation. Even home care can help your senior family member break out of the doldrums of loneliness.

You must monitor your loved one’s mental well-being. Once you decide to seek help, you can choose an assisted living franchise vs home care franchise.

4. Poor Hygiene

A decline in hygiene and personal care is an obvious sign that your aging parent needs help with daily living. Most home bathrooms aren’t retrofit for seniors. Bathtubs and shower stalls present falling hazards.

They may not be able to reach a bathroom due to their inability to walk stairs. A decline in personal hygiene is a clear sign of physical and mental decline.

5. Weight Loss

Cooking balanced meals may no longer be an option, especially if your loved ones can no longer procure food for themselves. Other factors for elderly weight loss include depression and loss of mobility.

Nutrition is a vital aspect of daily living, and loved ones unable to sustain themselves need an extra level of care.

Does Your Loved One Need Senior Care Services?

Seeking senior care services for your loved one isn’t an easy decision. Your elderly parent may feel betrayed or feeble. The truth is, you aren’t able to provide the care they need in their remaining years.

Senior care is a quality of life investment. If you notice these five signs, don’t wait to find help.

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