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What Makes a Good Website Developer?




The web design service industry is growing rapidly in the US. This is because websites are an integral part of running a successful business. There will always be businesses that need a new site while others want to upgrade the current one.

Typically, a web developer earns an average annual salary of about $65,990. That is more than the nation’s average salary by $10,466.

Moreover, there are many employment opportunities for a website developer. Besides working for a company, you can join the industry as a freelancer.

However, making it in the website creation industry can be pretty daunting. Each day brings a new trend to learn.

Further, the competition is stiff as more people take an interest in coding and computer programming. Thus, you need to be unique to be successful in this career path.

So, what makes a go-to web developer? Besides technical skills, what else makes your services sell effortlessly? Check out this guide to discover more about web developers.

Have an Analytical Mindset

Problem-solving is the core of computer programming. Having an analytical mindset will help you solve nearly every problem that comes your way. That means developing systems-like thinking skills regardless of what part of web development you specialize in.

Moreover, you need to balance your thinking skills around the finer details and the bigger picture. Your thinking should be near perfect if you’re going to be successful.

Be a Flexible Website Developer

It’s common for web developers to specialize in certain computer programming languages. However, in your career, you’ll realize that code can be unpredictable sometimes. Thus, it helps if you can respond to any changes as demanded by various projects.

It can be switching project scope or contexts unexpectedly. At the same time, you’ll also need to go back and pick from where you left. Unless you’re this flexible, the tech industry may prove a hard nut to crack for you.

Learning Never Ends

You must have a passion for knowledge to remain successful in website development. The skills and knowledge of website creation keep on changing.

There will always be new software technologies in the market. So, learning doesn’t end after attaining that degree.

Besides doing refresher courses from time to time, you can also copy from experienced developers in the industry. This will empower you to develop unique creations. Most importantly, you’ll know how to fix a bug or issue as they arise.

Embrace Teamwork

Web development teams contain other professionals such as designers and engineers. Clients may also require you to work with other groups. It can be sales or marketing teams. Either way, you must know how to work collaboratively for a common goal.

Working with teams can either be remote or in-office. If you’re working remotely, it will help if you know how to use online coworker tools.

An in-house working environment doesn’t have many demands. You only need to stay on top of your communication skills.

A Technical Mindset

Most companies will hire a website developer with a technical mindset. You’ll often find yourself working alongside teams that don’t understand the technical side of web development. In that case, you’ll communicate technical ideas in ordinary terms.

Besides, you also need to be best friends with your computer. Computers are the backbone of web development. Even so, they can’t perform tasks without human input. You have to think for the computer and feed it with what you want to create.

Having a technical mindset will give you an easy time when completing projects.

Good Planning Skills

Successful web developers are good time managers. They know how to stay on top of their schedule and deliver projects within the agreed timeframe. Further, a client can get you off a project if your planning skills are wanting.

So, how do you plan to utilize every minute spent behind a computer screen? You would want to sign up on productivity or tracking apps. Alternatively, you can turn your digital calendar into an organizational tool.

However, even with tracking apps, it’s still crucial to know what to prioritize when working. This way, you can work around tight schedules without sacrificing your sanity.

Think About Business

Having a business mindset doesn’t necessarily mean going for a degree in macroeconomics. You only need to know how to identify business opportunities and utilize them. This means looking beyond the project scope of each task.

Developing a business mindset can help you unlock the maximum potential of your web development skills. You’ll likely learn how to use automated business tools to save more time and money. You’ll also have a better understanding of the tech industry.

Communication Skills

It’s nigh impossible to make a living through website creation with poor communication skills. As a go-to developer, you must know how to put your points across using appropriate mediums. In some cases, clients may even require you to do copywriting for the site.

Good writing and presentation skills will help you keep clients up-to-date with the progress of their projects. Additionally, these skills will help you explain your web creations to potential employers when pitching them.

It’s imperative to note that the competition in the industry is pretty stiff. Unless you buckle down on your communication skills, your coworkers will close more deals than you.

Understand How Digital Marketing Works

Social media and digital marketing are not for salespeople only. As a freelancer website developer, you’ll have to pitch clients and companies. Also, you’ll need to build an online reputation to demonstrate your skills or success in previous projects.

It will help if you open pages on various social media platforms. Your followers can also recommend you to potential clients based on how you interact with them. The internet has everything you need to kick start your website development career.

Start Your Web Development Career

Although it’s challenging to become a web developer, passion and coding knowledge can help you stand out. Also, don’t forget that clients prioritize the above skills and traits before hiring a website developer.

What’s more, the university won’t teach you these soft skills, yet they are as crucial as technical abilities. Read more guides of website creation from other articles on our site to remain on top of your game.

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