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What Can I Expect From Solar Panel Installation?

Asad Fazal



Solar Panel Installation

Have you ever been having a great day and then had it disrupted because you checked the mail? It’s not the fact you received mail, but rather what’s in it; the dreaded electric bill.

Each month when you get your electric bill, you’re left confused at the high costs. It makes no sense that you should be paying such money for energy.

However, there is an alternative energy option. You can switch to solar power. It’s a renewable energy source that uses solar panels to save you money.

If you’re curious, we’ll break down the solar panel installation process. Continue reading to learn more.

Step 1: Engineer Site Visit

Solar panel installation isn’t a 1-2-3 type of process. It typically takes up to three months before your system’s installation is completed.

After deciding on a company to install your solar panels, the first step of the installation process is having an engineer visit your home. The purpose of this visit is to make sure that your home can accommodate a solar panel system.

The engineer will note your current electrical system and check to see if your roof is sturdy enough to handle the solar panels. If the evaluation is successful, you can move to the next step of the solar panel installation process.

Step 2: Filling Out Paperwork

No one likes filling out paperwork, but unfortunately, it’s a necessary component of the installation process. It provides information about your system and incentives that you can gain from going green.

Usually, when you apply for solar installation, you can apply for federal tax credits to help offset the installation cost. You’ll also need to fill out building permits.

Check your local state laws to see what you’ll need. Alternatively, your solar installer will know what you need, so you can contact them if you need more detail.

Step 3: Order Your Equipment

After your paperwork is completed, next is ordering your solar equipment. By this time, you should know the system that you want.

But if you don’t, a company like Blue Raven Solar will help you determine the right solar panels and inverters you’ll need for your home. The ordered equipment typically comes a day before installation.

Step 4: Installation Day

Finally, it’s installation day. Your installer will begin prepping the roof by attaching the solar panels with brackets and then completing the electrical wiring.

After, they will install an inverter, which switches the DC used by solar power to an AC, so your house can use the natural energy. Installation can take one to three days, depending on the size of the system.

Solar Panel Installation Is Worth It

The solar panel installation process takes a few months to complete. But once it’s done, you’ll be using eco-friendly energy and save money on your bills for the next 20 years. Who wouldn’t want that?

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