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Top 5 Vape Pod Kits

Asad Fazal



Vape Pod Kits

Are you new to vaping?

It’s 2021, and people are transitioning to vaping instead of smoking cigarettes. A lot of vape liquids contain no nicotine or any harmful substance compared to traditional cigarettes. It’s a good alternative to smoking, and many people use them to quit smoking for good.

If you’re new to vape pod kits, you need to learn about the vape starter kits to start. However, the sheer number of choices can make you feel confused. Don’t worry; we hand-picked these top five vape pod kits for you.

Read what we have below and learn more.

  1. Standard Pod

A category of pod kits for vapes starts with the standard pod. This vape is easy and simple to use. You can treat them like cigarettes because you draw a puff from one end.

An example is a Suorin drop with a teardrop shape. These vape pod kits have enough charge to last the day, running at 13w at a full charge.

  1. Pod AIO 

If you need a compact pod system with everything you need, choose pod AIO kits. They come in a simple one or two-piece design with all necessary components out of the box. What you need to do after is add your chosen vape juice and start vaping.

An example of Pod Aio is vape pens. The top part of the pod system holds the vape juice, while the lower part has the battery.

  1. Pod Mod 

A pod mod is similar to the standard pods. What sets these vaping starter kits apart is their larger size and additional chipset. It helps enhance your vaping experience and gives you more control.

  1. Refillable Pod 

To have a long-lasting vape experience, you should have control over the flavor. If you want to customize and create the best e-juice, you need a vape pod with refillable pods.

However, having refillable pod kits means you have to replace your chosen juice manually. It works to your advantage because you can change it at any time. Regardless, ensure your choice adheres to the FDA standards to ensure your safety.


  1. Pre-filled Pods

If you like to vape with pre-made flavors, pre-filled pod kits are for you. Known as closed system vape, these kits come with e-liquids and fresh coils. Like the JUUL alternative, you keep using the vape and replace the pod when it’s empty.

Simple in design, pre-filled pods are a good starter kit for people who can’t make vape juice. Charging this pod is easy because you can do it through a USB port. When the vape is empty, you can replace the pod anytime.

Choose Your Pod Kits Today!

Your choice of vaping starter kits matters because it will enhance your experience. If you’re using vape to quit smoking, pod kits can help with your transition. Use this guide and start your vaping experience now.

Do you want to learn more about vape juice flavors and vape accessories? Then, check out our other articles and learn more.

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