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Top 5 Things to Expect from Real Estate Agents in Tallahassee




The average real estate commission in Florida is just under the national average of 5.5%. If you have some Tallahassee real estate to sell, you’ll pay an average of 5.38% of the selling price to the brokers.

Tallahassee real estate agents have the expertise to help you navigate the unique, local real estate market. The bottom line, though… you want the one who will get you the most money for your home in the least amount of time.

Are you sifting through a list of real estate agents in Tallahassee? Keep reading to learn five basic things you should expect from your broker.

1. Prices Homes Correctly

Florida real estate is hot this year, but it’s still difficult to sell a home if it is not priced right. The agent you choose should have a record of selling homes in a timely manner and at close to the asking price.

An experienced agent knows how to price each home using comparable sales in the area, their understanding of the market, and their real estate training.

2. Uses the Best Marketing Tools

Most people find their homes on the internet. A top-notch agent knows this and uses all of the internet tools available to market properties. From social media to sites like Zillow™ and Realtor™, agents should use all the available marketing channels to give your home maximum exposure.

3. Good Negotiator

You want an agent who will fight hard to get you the best terms and conditions for your real estate transaction. Without worrying about their own commission, they should concern themselves with what makes the most sense for you, the client.

4. Makes Sure the Buyer is Qualified

You don’t want to go through the process of accepting an offer only to find out that the buyer is not qualified and can’t get approved for the loan. A good listing agent will double-check that the buyer is pre-approved for a mortgage before entertaining their offer.

5. Gets Everything Together for the Closing

There are a lot of little details involved in closing a real estate deal. The agent should tie up all the loose ends like the inspection reports, appraisal, and final closing documents.

They should check with the title company to make sure everything is going as planned and the closing date is going to happen as scheduled.

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Real Estate Agents in Tallahassee

When looking through a list of real estate agents in Tallahassee, find one who is professional, is an expert in the type of real estate transaction you are planning and will meet all your real estate needs.

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