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Top 10 Concrete Contractors In The World 2021

Asad Fazal



Top 10 Concrete Contractors In The World 2021

The last year was not easy for the biggest construction companies in the world. Even making necessary adjustments and reformulating the business, companies suffered lower sales, poor results and needed to reduce costs. The impact is visible in the Ranking of the World Engineering 500 Large Constructors , a survey carried out by the magazine The Constructor.

The economic crisis and the interruption of Petrobras works and projects caused the turnover of construction companies to drop 30% in 2015, compared to the total in 2014. According to the publication, responsible for the ranking, this decline is due to the absence of OAS, among other traditional companies, which are not listed for not having provided the data requested by the magazine. The ranking is based on an exclusive survey carried out by the magazine and takes into account the previous year’s gross revenue as a factor for placement.

In this article, you will get to know the ten largest construction companies in the country, according to the World Engineering Ranking.

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1) Andrade Gutierrez

The company rose from fourth position last year to first in this year’s ranking. Andrade Gutierrez’s gross revenue was R$6.2 billion in 2015. Grupo AG was founded in 1948 and is recognized as a Brazilian multinational. Over these decades, he has carried out projects in more than 40 countries, in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In Brazil, it operates in industrial projects, infrastructure works, logistics, urban mobility, energy, telecommunications, sanitation, health, oil and gas. Andrade Gutierrez participated in actions for the World Cup in Brazil and for the 2016 Olympics , in Rio de Janeiro.

2) Queiroz Galvao Construction Company

With gross revenue of just over R$ 5 billion, second place in the ranking went to Constructor Queiroz Galvao , which remained stable, in the same position as last year. The small Pernambuco company, built back in 1953, becomes one of the largest infrastructure builders in the country. In the beginning, they were small sanitation works and road paving. More recently, the company has worked in the road concessions sector, in the construction of oil tankers, exploration platforms and even in the renewable energy sector.

3) MRV Engineering

The company was elected the largest construction company in the country for the fourth consecutive year, with almost seven billion square meters in total built area and 322 works. The MRV is on the market since 1979 and their houses and apartments are in over 140 cities in Brazil. In this ranking, it was elected fourth among the largest construction companies with gross revenue of BRL 2.8 billion. Among the top ten in the ranking, it is the only one that works exclusively in residential buildings.

4) Directional engineering

In fifth place is Directional Engineering. The company operates in residential and commercial buildings, hotels and developments. The Belo Horizonte miner has been operating in the market for 35 years and is present in 11 Brazilian states such as Amazonas, Amapá, Rondônia, Rio Grande do Sul, Rio, São Paulo and the Federal District. Gross revenue was R$1.6 billion in 2015.

5) Carioca Christiani Nielsen Engenharia

In 1940, Carioca Christiani Nielsen Engenharia began working on urbanization projects in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro. Today, 76 years later, the company is among the largest construction companies in the country. From the 60s onwards, the company gained prominence in works such as the rockfill and earthworks of the toll plaza on the Rio-Niterói Bridge. Carioca’s gross revenue in 2015 was R$1.4 billion.

6) Rossi

The company has had a rough patch over the past year, which has included a debt restructuring . Even so, Rossi was ranked eighth among the largest construction companies in the world. In 2012, the company was ranked 40 out of 50 companies. After being left out of the ranking in 2013, 2014 and 2015, Rossi regains its space. Founded in 1980, it operates in different market segments. It made a series of partnerships to expand business throughout its history. The most recent, in 2012, when he created Rossi Commercial Properties, to operate in the shopping center segment.

7) Potential Engineering Method

The company is a business unit of Modo Engenharia. In ninth position, Modo Potencial Engenharia operates in the construction, assembly and industrial maintenance market. From projects in the oil, gas, steel, mining and energy segments, among others. One of the outstanding works was the Offshore construction and assembly for the Santos Basin Exploration and Production Operations Unit.

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