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Responsible Gun Ownership: A Guide for New Gun Owners

Asad Fazal



Gun Ownership

Did you know that last year 39,000 deaths occurred from preventable gun-related injuries? We don’t want this statistic to scare you, but we do want to stress the importance of responsible gun ownership.

Some new gun owners never take the time to set up natural precautions to protect both themselves and their families from firearm-related injuries.

That’s why we made this guide to teach you some of the fundamentals when it comes to handling, cleaning, and storing your gun. That way, new owners can learn everything that it takes to be responsible gun owners. Let’s get started!

Keep Your Guns and Ammunition Separate

There are two main reasons why you should consider keeping your gun and ammunition separate. The first reason is if you have kids. This ensures that they can never accidentally fire the weapon.

The second reason is it prevents potential burglars from getting your gun and firing it. If you own a gun for self-defense reasons, then you might be worried that keeping these two things separate might interfere with your ability to defend yourself.

You can still keep your guns and ammo in the same room, just make sure to keep them separate.

Always Act Like Your Gun Is Loaded (Even When It’s Not)

Any responsible gun owner will tell you that this is a cardinal rule when it comes to handling a gun. Even if you’re 100% sure that your gun is unloaded, you should still treat it like it is.

This means that you never point it at anyone you don’t intend to shoot. You should also never throw your guns around or look down the barrel. Only look down the barrel after you disassemble the firearm.

Teach Your Family Gun Safety

If you have a spouse or kids, then it’s important to teach them gun safety as soon as possible. This is especially important for children. Younger individuals will likely be naturally interested in your firearms.

And, if you don’t teach them, then they could potentially treat them with toys and play with them. So, to avoid a tragedy lay down the rules that should be followed around the guns.

If they’re still curious, then consider teaching them how to use it. This can be important if they find themselves in a self-defense situation. Just make sure you educate them using proper gun safety techniques.

Keep Your Guns In a Secure (Or Secret) Place

You want to make sure that your guns are stored in a safe area that can’t be accessed easily. Typically, the best solution to this is a gun safe that only you know the password to.

However, if your loved ones can guess your password, then you might want to consider storing it in a secret place. Usually, this is only important if you’re worried about your children getting into the safe and playing with the weapon.

However, it’s still a good practice to follow. There are lots of ingenious gun hiding solutions like hollowed-out books, that can be utilized for safe storage.

Clean and Maintain Your Firearms Frequently

When you use your firearm debris will build up inside. This can include things like dust, oil, and gunpowder. If you go a long time without cleaning this out then it can not only affect the performance of the gun, it can make it dangerous.

A misfire can potentially hurt you or those around you. As such, it’s important to fully disassemble your gun and clean or replace parts as is needed. This is also important to avoid rust from building up on your gun.

Anti-rust oils are usually the best way to do this. If your gun is still firing strangely and you can’t figure out the problem, then consider taking it to an expert.

Invest In Safety Gear

If you plan on firing your weapon at a gun range, then you must purchase safety equipment to protect your senses. Guns are loud, so good hearing protection is a must.

Headphones or earplugs are typically the best solutions. You should also wear protective eyeglasses in case the weapon backfires. Eyewear can also make sure that you aren’t distracted by things like glare.

Transporting Your Guns? Get a Range Bag

If you want to bring your firearms to the range, then you must get a proper carrying device. After all, you don’t want to just walk into the place holding a gun.

We recommend a roomy range bag that’s made specifically for the type of gun you have. Don’t just throw your weapons into a backpack. This can potentially cause them to go off if they aren’t stored properly.


Purchase From a Manufacturer That You Trust

You should make sure that you trust the manufacturer or weapon dealer before you use the firearm. Cheap weapons and old historical guns can potentially backfire and injure you.

So, if there’s any doubt in your mind, then bring it to an expert before firing it.

This is always a good practice if you buy a used product. If you want to avoid this step, then make sure you know where your firearm was sourced from. Looking for a good manufacturer? Look no further than Cooper custom order rifles.

Want More Content? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you learn more about what it takes to be a responsible gun owner. There’s no denying that shooting and collecting guns is an incredibly enjoyable pastime.

However, an important part of gun ownership is never forgetting that a firearm is a deadly weapon. As such, you should take every precaution possible to make sure that you and your loved ones stay safe.

As long as you follow the advice in the guide, then you should be good to go. Did you enjoy this article? If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find more topics that you’re sure to love.

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