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Pikuki, a trick to see Instagram profiles that no one knows about

Asad Fazal




Currently, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks along with Tik Tok. When a social network suffers greatly, as in the case of Instagram, various tools emerge to get the most out of that social network. Usually all our friends and acquaintances are already registered and have an account, but there are always exceptions. There are users who choose not to share their daily activities on these platforms where thousands of users share both personal and professional content. In some cases, not wanting to share content doesn’t mean they don’t want to see what other users are sharing, and tools like Pikuki are useful for that.

Both Instagram stories and videos seem to overwhelm photo post views, which is the only opportunity this social network was born with. There are some tools that promise to spy on Instagram stories, although instead of considering it a form of spying, it’s more of a way to hide our social media activity . And that’s exactly what the Pikuki tool is designed for.

What is Pikuki?

Simple. This is a website where you can view the posts of Instagram users without having to have an account and register neither on the social network nor on the website itself because it is free.

When you sign in, you can use many of the tools you use on Instagram. without registration . It gives you the ability to view, edit profiles, followers, posts, stories, Instagram locations, tags, and more. All for an unlimited period and completely free of charge .


Here’s How It Works

Using this web tool to both view and edit Instagram content is quite easy as its interface is quite intuitive . Once you are logged into the Internet, simply enter the name of the accounts you wish to see.  Then several accounts will appear with the keywords of the user you are looking for. Choose one and you will have access to a profile with all the information. It can also be helpful to explore any Instagram tag and see the topics that are most talked about on that social network.

If, for example, you want to download this profile photo , you just need to click on it and download itSince this is a free tool, you will see that it includes ads every time you make a request.

The web allows us to filter searches by profile, tag, and location . Pikuki is an online tool that does not have an official app for mobile or tablet devices and is only available in its web version . However, access to it is possible from different devices, including Ios and Android operating systems.

In short, Pikuki is a great tool for users with or without an Instagram profile who want to both view and download content anonymously from this social network.


Regarding privacy, Pikuki assures the following: “All content belongs to Instagram, we do not host content on our server. Pikuki offers the ability to easily view and edit only public Instagram content. If you want to hide your Instagram content from the public, you can do so by making your Instagram profile private.

It also warns us that even if we remove content through Pikuki, it will remain public through other similar tools, keeping in mind that the only way to hide Instagram profile content is to make the profile private . Also, it provides a form if the user wants to remove their content from Pikuki. The site promises to remove it in 2-3 business days.

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