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Online Gaming And Its Advantages

Asad Fazal



Online Gaming And Its Advantages


For online games, we need an internet connection. We can play online games on many devices like mobile phones, and Pc there is no specific device required for online gaming.

Online gaming has greatly enhanced the scope and culture of gaming among people. People that belong to any profession, any nation, or any age can play online gaming. However, online games are very famous in children and young people; they love to play online gaming. Online games are available for solo players and as well as for multiplayer. In Multiplayer games a person can play against their family members’ friends or any person from all around the world. There are many types of the online game are available such as

Battle games: Can improve the co-ordination of hand and eyes

Example: Fortnite

Racing games: Games involving cars or other vehicles racing competitions.

Example: Drag racing

Puzzles games: playing such games give problem-solving skill with time management.

Example: Onet 3D games.

Benefits Of Online Gaming

As outdoors games make us physically strong, similarly online games are beneficial for mental health. Online games help to reduce the level of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Disciplined and regular playing online games activate the unused neuron of the brain to think continuously in a faster and deeper way. And increase the short-term and long-term memory. Online gaming players can see the world differently. As well as being fun, it also provides an opportunity to be active.

Online gaming increases the sensitivity to such varied stimuli this help to remembering new places and creating a photographic memory. By playing online games the of problem-solving skill increases with time and enhance the visualizing power.

It improves the creativity level of the brain and creates a sharp focus and also helps in learning time management. Through gaming, children can express their worries.

Multiplayer games enhance the confidence level, improve leadership qualities and enable the players to play in a team. By playing in a group, social skills also developed.

No doubt playing online games at a limit has a positive effect on the brain but spending too much time on anything can have a detrimental effect on health.  Parents should keep an eye on how much their children spend time on online gaming.

The negative effect of online gaming on health

  • Cause weight gain
  • Cause mental and behavior abnormalities
  • Harm eyesight and cause Insomnia (Sleeping disorder).
  • Some online games allow to play and interact with all around the world due to this they may experience aggressive language.

Why do people like to play online games?

1) Gaming is a source of fun. Many people play the game only for fun.

2) As we discussed above that the online games are a stress reliever. Some people play games so that they get relief from their problems for a while.

3) People also play games for competition. They experience happiness by seeing themselves on the higher level, from the others. Anything that consistently provides positive reinforcement to people especially children so, they like to spend their time on these things.

4) For learning and adventuring new things.

Tips for playing secure and safe online games

  • Don’t share your address, mobile phone, name or any personal information while gaming online.
  • Mute, block and report options are available. Use these options during multiplayer games when someone behaves inappropriately.
  • Make sure your account is strong password protected
  • It is important to playing legal. Don’t play non- copyright games.
  • Don’t play games continuously for more than 45 minutes, because it can have a harmful effect on your brain and eyes.
  • It is mandatory to take gaps after 45 minutes of playing.
  • Do not play those games that are age-restricted.

How do choose games for children?

Choose the game according to the interest of your children. Select those games which give them strategic judgment and provide management skills. Before giving any game to children check the reviews of the game on the internet and also check the rating of the game. Choose games that are appropriate for their age. Select multiplayer games because these games develop confidence and many other skills like playing with a team. Do not allow your children to play such games that involve stealing or killing someone.

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