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Off-Road tyres vs On-road tyres for SUV: what’s the difference?

Asad Fazal



Off-Road tyres vs On-road tyres for SUV what’s the difference

The idea of an adventurous car itinerary would definitely excite any car enthusiast. Car lovers want to explore every part of the world with their vehicle. But what type of SUV best suits off-road adventures and which one is ideal for on-road performance? If you have explored the world of SUVs, you may have an idea that there are different types of SUVs — from compact sizes to truck-sized giants. Some offer fuel-efficiency and great on-road comfort, while others can take on rough and uneven terrains.

If you want to buy an SUV, it is very important that you understand how this works and what is their purpose.

Traditionally, SUVs were categorized in two types; truck-like SUVs and car-like SUVs. However, in the modern SUV market, the line between these two has become quite blurred.

Some smaller SUVs are now called crossovers, cars which combine features of both sedan and SUVs. These include the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V. These types of SUVs are amazing for on-road usage.

Mid-sized SUVs are designed for larger families. These have three rows and can accommodate around eight people. Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander are among the most popular mid-size SUVs.

Full-size SUVs have a truck-like appearance. These share body components with pick-up trucks.

Now, let’s discuss SUVs for off-road and on-road usage.

Off-roading SUVs

These are mostly mid-size and full-size SUVs. Off-roading is defined as driving a four-wheel-drive on rough terrains with mud tyres (maximum traction tyres). This may include driving on sand or climbing large rocks.

Off-roading SUVs are crafted to provide an exciting experience in off-road conditions. Powerful suspensions, elevated height and four-wheel drive train system allows the car to navigate through tough terrains and tackle bumps and dips.

Off-road SUVs have a truck-like appearance and they are equipped with a lot of features which support tough driving. You can enjoy different off-road adventures with a 4×4 SUV including rock crawling, climbing steep hills, bashing dunes and mudding.

However, many of these experiences depend on the type of car you have and its capacity. Some SUVs are equipped with advanced 4×4 and powerful off-road tyres.

Some 4×4 SUVs come with low-range and high-range gearing. When you are driving on extremely rough terrain such as large rocks or deep mud, you can turn on the low-range gearing and when you are driving in moderate off-road conditions, you can keep the gearing system on high-range.

The towing capacity of off-road SUVs is huge. These can tow large trailers and other heavy objects. A full-size off-road SUV can pull up to 9,000 pounds.

TOURING SUVS (on-road usage)

Touring SUVs are designed for on-road experiences. These have a sublime appearance and offer superior ride comfort along with great fuel efficiency. Touring SUVs are also popular for racing, especially for sprints — short races.

Touring SUVs come with highway SUV tyres. Falken Wildpeak HT01 is an SUV tyre designed to deliver remarkable on-road driving experience by providing enhances stability and great high-speed stability.

Mostly, you will find AWD and FWD in touring SUVs. Large touring SUVs are amazing for hauling cargo and carrying passengers. The towing capacity is not as massive as in off-road SUVs still, it is substantial. For instance, a mid-size touring SUV can pull up to 5,000 pounds.

Touring SUVs are mostly found in crossover and mid-size models. Crossovers are small in size, offer amazing fuel-efficiency and are easy to park as they take less space. However, their towing capacity is less than mid-size SUVs.

Although these have elevated height, they don’t support extreme off-road usage. These mostly come in two-wheel drive. Currently, many manufacturers are offering all-wheel drive train system in touring SUVs which enables them to withstand moderate off-road conditions.

So, that’s how both SUVs are different from each other. If you are looking forward to buying one of these, we will suggest that you assess your driving needs comprehensively before you begin the buying process and then choose the perfect vehicle to meet your needs.

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