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How to Start Hunting: A Guide for Beginners

Asad Fazal




Over 101 million Americans participate in hunting, fishing, and other wildlife activities. There are many benefits of hunting. You get to eat fresh meat and many hunters love the thrill of the game.

Are all of these factors inspiring you to start hunting?

Here’s how to start hunting, including recommended gear and other essential tips that will help you as you prepare to head to the mountains.

Get Certified

Before you get started, there are many legalities we must cover. Every state and local region has various hunting requirements. You’ll need to research any requirements in your local area, such as the licenses you have to hold.

In addition, most states also require hunter safety cards. You’ll need to go through a hunter safety course before earning this card. Fortunately, the course is inexpensive and most states allow you to take the course online.

Find Your Hunting Niche

While hunting is a great way to learn survival skills and hunt a variety of animals, most professional hunters develop a niche. For example, some hunters specialize in big game while others focus on birds.

How do you find your niche? If you don’t already have a niche in mind, join various hunting groups or experiment hunting different types of game.

Get Your Gun

From here, you can purchase your gun.

The type of gun you use largely relates to the niche you choose, so make sure you conduct plenty of research before buying your gun. You can also ask a gun manufacturer for advice.

If you know which gun you want, most firearm stores offer a gun room to take a look at different models and accessories. Keep in mind, you should know the basics of gun safety before purchasing a firearm.


From here, you’ll have to practice. After buying a gun, you should practice your shooting. Go to gun ranges or shoot different targets, such as glass bottles.

You’ll also want to go out in the field and study animal behavior. Studying different terrains and habitats will also give you a better idea of hunting conditions and the best way to disguise yourself.

Talk to People

As you start hunting, you’ll learn there’s a close-knit community of hunters.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to other hunters and ask for advice. This way, you’ll gain knowledge from experienced hunters. They will also give you some tips, such as the best time of year to hunt as well as the best spots.


As you start making friends, you may start getting invited to hunting trips. Some of these trips may specialize in hunting for beginners. This will give you a better idea of how to hunt and how to hunt in a group.

You can also make friends online. There are various hunting forums available where you can ask questions and seek advice.

How to Start Hunting: Time to Go Out Into the Field!

Do you want to know how to start hunting? You first have to get certified in hunting safety, find a niche, buy a gun or hunting rifles, practice, and connect with others. From here, you can start hunting!

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