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5 Benefits of Regular Periodontal Services




Periodontics is a field of dentistry that focuses on gum health and periodontal disease.

Neglected gum health results in painful gum conditions that are difficult to manage alone. Regular periodontal services maintain your gum health and prevent harm to your gums, jawbone, and gum ligaments.

Have you ever visited a periodontist? Read on to find out why periodontal care needs to become a part of your routine, today.

1. Pain Relief

Infected gums are painful, swollen, tender, and sometimes even bleed. The frustrating thing about advanced gum disease is that brushing and flossing are painful. This progresses the condition and halts the healing process.

The pain disappears when the condition is treated by skilled dentists Katy GentleDentists can provide.

2. Tartar Removal

Even with diligent regular brushing and flossing, there is a level of debris, bacteria, and gum pocket deposits that you can’t remove by yourself. Tartar, also called calculus or plaque, builds up over time and can lead to cavities.

Periodontists make use of specialized equipment and techniques to target difficult-to-remove tartar. They provide an intensive clean that breaks down bacteria and bacteria pockets, which improves the health of your mouth and gums and prevents further damage.

3. Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Your gums are more important for your smile than you might think. Think of them as the picture frames of your teeth – they frame your smile!

Advanced gum diseases can result in swelling and bleeding of the gums. This affects the gum line around your teeth and harms your smile’s aesthetic. Periodontal care treats and prevents gum disease and keeps them looking pink and healthy.

Along with a healthier mouth, you can also get more beautiful teeth! Periodontists are able to improve dental aesthetics by removing tough stains caused by everyday living that regular brushing can’t remove.

Say hello to a healthy, polished, and gorgeous smile!

4. Preventative Care

Untreated gum disease can lead to painful cavities, abscesses, jawbone recession, and eventual tooth loss.

Periodontal dental services take a strong preventative approach to dentistry. You can avoid the physical and financial costs of multiple dental issues that stem from unhealthy gums.

5. Improved Overall Health

Looking after your gum health directly benefits your overall health at the same time.

Periodontal diseases increase the depth of your gum pockets. In other words, they give bacteria a larger place to make themselves at home… If this bacteria finds its way into your bloodstream, other areas of your body can be affected.

With regular periodontal maintenance, you can alleviate gum issues and reduce gum pocket depth.

Schedule Periodontal Services Today

Many people don’t know about periodontal care, let alone how important it is for your overall health!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to schedule a periodontist visit and start looking after your gums as much as you do your teeth. A healthy smile is in your future.

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